A look back at 2016 + New Year Goals

You know what this post is, don't you? As the year ends, these kinds of posts are everywhere in our feed. I know it, you know it. B...

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You know what this post is, don't you? As the year ends, these kinds of posts are everywhere in our feed. I know it, you know it. But it doesn't change the fact that they're helpful and interesting to read. So, I hope you enjoy this!

It's pretty common knowledge that 2016 has been a shitty year; from the US elections to Carrie Fisher dying. It's been pretty suck-y and we're all super excited to start a new year, whether it's going to be better or worse, we'll just have to see. But, it's good to have hope!

Anyway! This year for me has been pretty good. One of the most important experiences this year was when I travelled for the first time and visited my friend in Indiana. For there we went to the Coldplay concert in Chicago and King's Island in Ohio. It's one of the most fun I've ever had and I can't wait to travel again. I was going to make a post all about it when I first got back in July, and it's still sitting in my drafts, but I guess I didn't have a motivation to do it? lol!

In other news, I also started my second year of University and took my first film class. Earlier this year, during my second semester of my first year, I decided to change my major from TV Production to Film. It's by far my favorite class this past semester and I worked super hard on it so I'm proud that I got an A on it. I'm hopeful that this coming second semester will be greater and I'll do an even greater job~ yay!

Before talking about my hopes for the new year, the last thing that's important that happened in 2016 was that I made a Youtube channel. I'm sure you all know by now and are subscibed (and if you're not, you really should lol!), but Merzy's Corner was a ton of fun to do and edit! I haven't uploaded anything new in a long time but I'm hoping to invest in some lighting/ring light so I can finally film. I used to rely on natural lighting but since moving, my room is very dark so that won't do!

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So! Here's some of my goals for 2017:

  • Stay focused on school and plan to travel abroad for 2018.
  • Start and finish my LGBT documentary I've been planning for a while now.
  • Read more books.
  • Write, write, write, write, write.
  • Be more consistent on this blog and focus more on things I like. (fandom stuff)
  • Find a job. 
  • Be more organized (with planners and stuff)
And I think that's pretty much it! I'm sure there are other things I should focus on for the new year but I think these would do for now. Don't want to put too much pressure on myself, you know? Let me know what are some of the most exciting and positive things you did this year and what your new year goals are! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin', you never know when I'm about to post, not even I do! lol! Hope you babes have a very happy new year! See you, soon!

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