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Hey guys, Merzy here! First, I want to apologize for taking so long to write and publish this post. I've been super busy with universi...

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Hey guys, Merzy here! First, I want to apologize for taking so long to write and publish this post. I've been super busy with university and I just don't have time or energy to update like I used to. So, now that that's out of the way we can start!

A few weeks (more than a few oops) ago I received the Kawaii Box in my main box and I let's just say I was very excited! If you didn't know, Kawaii Box is a subcription service that sends you cute japanese and korean stuff every month! There's 4 seperate payment plans to choose from and you'll get to decide which one is best for you & you can cancel any time! These lovely people were kind enough to send me a box for the month of August, letting me review it and give away one for a lucky reader! Let's get down with the review then, shall we?
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This box came fairly quickly, it took about two weeks to arrive which I think is pretty good for it coming from Signapore! The quality of the box was also good, it wasn't broken or anything like that and it was super cute as well. 

The first thing you'll see when you open the box is a thank you card from the company and a list of the stuff you got in the box! Each of the items are of great quality, they don't feel cheap at all and I definitely loved the items I recieved. The only one I was a little iffy about was the spray bottle but even that is too cute to stay mad at. 

The box included:
  • Kracie Naru Naru Gumi Nomi DIY Candy Kit
  • Kawaii Neko Plush
  • Tin Dinosaur Pencil Case
  • Dessert Ink Pen
  • Cloud Memory Envelope Set
  • Korean Deco Tape
  • Polka Dots Shoe Laces
  • Popsicle Squishy Charm
  • Mini Animal Spray Bottle
  • Alpaca Tin Case
  • Puffy Paradise Stickers
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I definitely recommend this subcription box for people who love cute stationary because that's what you'll get most of the time. And I think it's an amazing gift to give yourself every month! Plus, the customer service was perfect, helping me with everything along the way! 

My score for Kawaii Box is...

 Annnnd what you've all been waiting for... the giveaway! One randomly selected person will be chosen to one one of these lovely kawaii boxes! The more entries you fill out, more chances you have to win, so good luck babes!!

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 So, there you go! I'll try to write another post soon but university really has taken most of my time and I'm always either busy with that or just tired! But I have a couple of post ideas to give you guys! Oh, and tell me down in the comments what are some of your favorite subscription boxes? I'll see you soon, loves!

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