Beauty Autumn Trends That Need To Stay Forever

Hey guys, Merzy here!  So, for today's post I decided to let myself get excited about some of the trends that I've been see...

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Hey guys, Merzy here!

 So, for today's post I decided to let myself get excited about some of the trends that I've been seeing for Fall lately and tell you guys what are some of my favorites! 
Autumn is by far my favorite season for makeup; dark lips, golden eyes and overall mauve looks are just some of what I love about this time of year. 

Let's start with eyes: what I've bee seeing a lot lately is the golden/mauve looks & I honestly love it so much, it's pretty much the only eyeshadow colors I wear because they go so well with brown eyes. Of course, my favorites to pull off this look are the Maybelline's Blushed Nudes (which I review over here) & the Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow in #22E (which I bought in TJMaxx for like 8 bucks!! amazing!!). 
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For the lips, I'm completely obsessed with dark lipsticks lately. It's a bit hard to wear them for class because I have to eat eventually and wiping them off and then putting it back on is exhausting to me. I'm honestly not even kidding, that's way too much work. I still haven't found a lipstick that 100% stays on my lips while I eat, so the search for the eternal lipstick continues. Anyway, my main babe is definitely L'Oreal Paris' Color Riche Collection in Zoe's Red -- it's the longest lasting lipstick I own & it just looks amazing, not even lying. Plus, it doesn't smell awful!! 

Confession time, I've been insanely lazy with my nails in this past month. I buy lots of nail polish but never find the energy to actually paint my nails! But, I promise that's going to change soon! Is anyone else feel me on this? Doing nails is hard, guys. Anyway, the nail polishes I'm thinking about painting my nails with next are the China Glaze in 590 Soft Sienna Silks & Essie in 853 Mind Your Mittens, but I'm leaning more into the latter. 

For autumn makeup trends in general, I always like to look through Zoe Sugg aka Zoella's youtube videos because she's one of my Fall inspirations and she can really pull it off! Here's her 2015's fall makeup tutorial & last year's as well:

So there you go, babes! Tell me what are some of your favorite autumn beauty trends! Like always, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and all my other social medias so we can be friends! See you later, loves! 

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  1. I totally agree on these trends! I love dark lips more than anything and I wear them all year 'round no matter what. I also love the looks that you can get with those colors. I think the Naked3 looks are great since I don't have the Blushed Nudes palette! I'm going to check out your review of it now. <3

    xo, Kimberly