Blippo Kawaii Shop Review + Giveaway*

If you guys remember a few months ago, I reviewed the Kawaii Box and I loved it so much that I contacted Blippo so I could review some of ...

If you guys remember a few months ago, I reviewed the Kawaii Box and I loved it so much that I contacted Blippo so I could review some of their products! Blippo, if you didn't know, is a Japan & Kawaii shop that brings us the lovely Kawaii Box and Japan Candy Box that we adore. I really do love this company, the customer support is so nice and everything they sell is so cute and lovely! Ah! I just love it! Besides my undeniable love for them though, this review will be 100% honest and unbiased, I received these items free of charge for reviewing purposes and yeah! Just wanted to make that clear. Also, stick around for the end because there will be a special giveaway for you babes where you can win some super cute stuff (not these... obviously).

So first off, I don't exactly know when I recieved the box because my apartment complex's security forgot to tell me there was a package waiting for me >_> so I don't know if it was late or if I called exactly when it arrived so yeah, I don't know about that. The shipment comes from Hong Kong and the free shipping takes about 1 to 3 weeks and offers no tracking (which it's weird because I remember Kawaii Box did offer tracking, I don't know if it's different or if they changed it). Considering everything, I stress over packages getting lost in the mail and not arriving at all so I'm just glad it made its way to me! lol!

The items that I received were all nicely packaged in a small box and the first things you see when you open it is some flyers advertising their subscriptions services, mentioned above, and a thank you card from the company which I think is a nice touch. After that were the actual products which are: Hello Kitty scissors, sweet creepe charm in style 2, shiny glitter flakes in white & BK glow in the dark nail polish in style 20.
It's always very nerve-raking getting nail polish in the mail because there's always that fear that it could break while shipping but thankfully, it came in one piece, all safe and sound, so that's good! Actually, this nail polish really surprised me because to be honest, I wasn't expecting much quality. But, when testing this it dried super quickly! I've never had a nail polish dry so quicky, it was amazing! In the picture below I used two coats and you could get away with three if you want a more intese color and it wouldn't have felt too thick. The consitency is actually very thin and sort of water-y but with a lot of pigment to it, I don't know how to describe it really. By the way, this is really embarassing, but I completely forgot this was glow in the dark so I didn't test that out when I painted my nails... oops.

As for the flakes, they were super adorable! They were really easy to put on (even though I did it ungracefully) but I would imagine it'd be much easier with a nail art tool. The packaging also says it works to decorate your cellphone which very 90s of them but cute none the less! I've never done any nail art so this way super fun!!
The Hello Kitty scissors are adorable as heck! They're more of a beauty scissor than anything else, they're really good for evening out your eyebrows or your fake lashes. They're very sharp though so I'd be super extra careful if you use them for your eyebrows because you could easily get hurt. But, they're super super cute and sooo lovely!

And the last but certinly not least, is the crepe charm which is super adorable~  I understand that when some people see this, they might think it would be flimsy and easy to break but honestly, it's the opposite. It's sturdy and has some weight to it, it's very well made and it doesn't feel like it would break easily at all. The only thing that might break easily is the cookie part which is a bit thin. Other than that, though, it's perfect!

Overall, I really enjoyed the stuff they sent me and I think they're all adorable as heck and more than perfect value for money!

SO! The giveaway! I'm super excited to tell you all about it, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the widget below and you could win these super duper adorable items:
i. / ii. / iii.

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And there you have it, babes! Good luck on the giveaway! (I'm totally jealous of your guys for that alpaca keychain btw... I really want it lol) I'll see you guys super soon~

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