Blog Post Ideas that Don't Require Taking Out Your Camera + A Free Stock Photos Resource

If you're a blogger like me who is very often lazy, wakes up way too late and all of her blogging inspiration comes to her at n...
If you're a blogger like me who is very often lazy, wakes up way too late and all of her blogging inspiration comes to her at night, then you know the struggle of taking photos. Since getting my DSLR Camera, I've loved taking pictures for the blog and it would all be perfect except for one thing... the sun and its annoying habit of going down earlier during the winter. I still haven't bought any superficial lighting which means I rely completely on sunlight, which is annoying for a night-owler like myself. 

Because of this, I always have a few blogposts on store that don't require me to take my own photos. So, I thought why not make it a list for you guys? Let me know if you feel me on this and if this helped you out! Let's get started, then!
The very first thing to consider before any blogspot ideas is where you're going to find the photos. You can't just google pictures and choose the first one that comes up, that's huge no-no in the blogging world. For one, it's ilegal if you don't give credit so you might as well not do it if you do give credit. The license you have to look for is the "Creative Licesence" which lets you copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer. Here's a list of websites where you can find free photos you can use:
But then there's bloggers who let you download a pack stock photos they took themselves and depending on their personal views, they let you use them without attribution or you have to give them a credit back to their website. Most of the time I really prefer using these because the photos you will be getting are what you are looking for aesthetically so it's worth it. Here's a few bloggers who give stock photos as freebies:
Now that you have the photo you want, what will you write about? Here's a few ideas:

  • A wishlist - This could be either a fashion or a beauty one, with this you could make a collage in picmonkey
  • Any lifestyle post - Goals for the new year; A catch up post; Your thoughts on a topic, etc.
  • Lists - This could be a blogpost ideas list (wow how meta), Favorite bloggers/vloggers, Favorite books/tv shows, Favorite thing about blogging or being a beauty blogger,
  • Tips - Blogging tips for beginners, Beauty tips, etc.
  • Instagram or Pinterest Round Up
  • Places to visit
  • First Experience with... Beauty, Fashion, Blogging or Anything Else.
  • Current Trend You Love
  • Share Your Playlist 
  • A Tag Post - A get to know me tag or any other lifestyle/blogging tag.
  • Lessons You've Learned Through... Blogging or Beauty.
  • Brands You've Loved While Growing up 
  • Essentials - Desk, Study, Blogging, Beauty and more.
I mostly recommend lifestyle or blogging posts because those are the ones that don't require specific pictures and you'll have an esier time finding a good stock photo that goes with it.

What do you guys think? Do you have any more ideas for a lazy evening blog post? Sorry that list whas a bit of a mess lol, that's just how my brain works. Anyway, hope this helps some of you out there and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' AND talk to me on twitter because I love meeting you lovely babes! See you soon~

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  1. Thanks for this post, it's weird how I was just wondering what to do for pictures for my blog post tomorrow because I forgot to take my blog post pictures during the day, and I open up Twitter and it's literally the first thing on the top of my feed. THANK YOU! It really helped! :)


    1. Yay! Trust me we've all been there! Thank you and you're very welcome! ^.^ xo

  2. Such a good post, and great tip checking for stock photos from other bloggers! I'm a super newb to blogging and never would have thought of that. I'm bookmarking this post for reference later. Great job.


  3. Those images are really good! Some great blog post ideas!
    Charlotte //

  4. If I weren't so lazy I would take more selfie photos, even low quality ones.
    Thanks for the list of places to find legal-to-use free photos.
    I would add that you can also embed YouTube videos as I did in my most recent blog post at (I embedded four videos in it).
    Most of my own selfie outfit photos are free to use but they're low quality and I doubt they get used much.
    I'll have to check out the free photo sites you listed.
    Your blog post ideas are good ones too!

  5. Thank you for this list! I'll keep it bookmarked for days I need some inspiration :)

    x Anne | annesmiles