Japan FunBox Review + Taste Test Video

Hey guys!「(•⌒▽⌒•)ゞ Today we're going to talk about food! YAY! My legit favorite thing ever. Japan Funbox is a subscription service ...

Merzy's Corner
Hey guys!「(•⌒▽⌒•)ゞ Today we're going to talk about food! YAY! My legit favorite thing ever.

Japan Funbox is a subscription service where they send you monthly japanese snacks. There's three options, the mini ($14.99), original ($32.99) and family ($49.99) box (free worldwide shipping for all three yee!)~ I got the mini box for review a few months ago!

Originally the mini box comes with 6 items but two of them got lost in shipping, I think? I'm not too sure about that. So, I contacted Japan Funbox about what they usually do in this situation and they said they add bonus item(s) on their next box if they choose to continue the subscription. Which sounds pretty fucking awesome to me, tbh!

ANYWAY, let's get on with the review~
Merzy's Corner
  • PRETZ TOMATO TASTE - I love these things so much!! And I wish I still had them :( but I literally ate all of them. They were so good. I want more! They taste like pizza to be honest, so so good. It's so crunchy and easy to eat, you just pop it in your mouth!
  • WHISTLE CANDY: GRAPE FAVOR - They taste like grape smarties but way bigger! lol! I liked it! When you bite into them, there's a bit of grape juice inside! It also comes with a toy~ I didn't managed to make the whistle loud enough but still! It was fun to try.
  •  SHUWABŌ - I had a wild experience with this which you can see in my video below lol! But this tastes like a Starburst type candy. It says that "the lemon and orange flavor mix together in your mouth mysteriously creates a coke flavor" which... I don't know about that. It doesn't taste like coke to me tbh lol! But, still good!
  • UME-PACHI - These are popping candy or crackling candy, I don't know how you call them but yeah, that! lol! It's supposed to be a ume and sour ume flavor, which means plum, but I don't know... lol! I freaked out when I was trying to eat them! I've never had any popping candy before so!!! I freaked out, okay?? I didn't know what to do and it hurt!!!  Anyway, yeah lol. 


Make sure to check out my video, it's more than a bit shit but hopefully it's hilarious? ANYWAY, please make sure to check out Japan Funbox, they're a super cool company and their customer service pals are amazing and understanding! So sorry this post was late and has been sitting in my drafts for forever, waiting for me to type it out! Don't forget to check out my youtube channel since you're already there and I'll see you guys later~

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  1. Japanese snacks never cease to amaze me! Their packaging is super adorable too.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees