Some Birthday Fun + A Life Update

Hey, babes! This post is late considering my my birthday was on the 11th, lol so it's been a few weeks. But I wanted to make thi...

Hey, babes! This post is late considering my my birthday was on the 11th, lol so it's been a few weeks. But I wanted to make this post regardless because I wanted to tell you guys all about it!

Let's get started with what I got first! I really didn't expect much but to my surprise I got quite a few treats! From my family, I got the Too Faced Sweet Peach Lipgloss in Pure Peach, the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette & some cute chockers! From one of my best friends I got this Bath & Body Works Love&Sunshine Gift Kit.

The best parts of the day wasn't the gifts though, it was the whole day! My birthday landed on a Saturday so I could celebrate it on the actual day which is a gift by itself. I started the day with my mom, we went window shopping for a little bit and ate some nice KFC lol. At 5, I went to see La La Land with some friends and then met up with the rest of my babes for a nice dinner in Old San Juan. We ate some amazing mexican food and then went to a bar and I drank... quite a bit. lol.
Just the usual tequila cucumber shot (or like half of it lol), cranberry vodka and pink pussy (which is a real cocktail mixed with loads of stuff and it was super super good). After that, I really wanted some dessert because there wasn't any I could eat over a the mexican restaurant so we finished the night with some frozen yogurt.
I had the most amazing day! It was by far the best birthday I've ever had, I can't even explain. It's been a few weeks since that day and I still think about it and how happy I was! lol! I'm a cheesy goofball but I have the most amazing friends like wow. They definitely made my first day as a 20 year old exciting!!

Now for the life update thing! I've been quite busy these past few weeks, which is why this post is as late as it is. I've been drowning in my classes and I started an internship as a content writer in Merodea (which you should check out btw) and I've just started back on my writing... like fiction writing, I'm working on it! haha!

So, that's my life lately! How about you guys? Are you interested in maybe seeing a review or a makeup look on the Tarteist Pro palette or the Too Faced lipgloss? Let me know in the comments below. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' so you never miss a post and I'll be seeing you babes soon.

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  1. I am so glad you had such an amazing birthday! Also, I celebrated my birthday last month and I still think about it every single day haha! I am goofball like you too! Also, I would LOVE to see the review Tartest Pro palette. You got a new follower!

    1. Ah thanks!! Birthdays are the best really lol! ^.^ They make you feel so special haha! I'll be doing the review then! Spoilers... I love it lol! xo