New Semester, New Me? | 5 Tips to Make This Semester Your Best One Yet!

Hey guys! College is back in session for about a month now and with 18 credits on the line this semester, I decided to share with you...

Hey guys! College is back in session for about a month now and with 18 credits on the line this semester, I decided to share with you how I plan to conquer it! I am, by no means, a perfect student. I live things until the last minute and sometimes I forget to read the requested reading list but... hey, my report cards are pretty fucking good with only two Bs and the rest As. So, I must know something, right? lol! 

Anyways, here's a few tips on how to make this semester the best one yet!

001. SCHEDULE - Writing down your schedule by the hour and figuring out how much time you have between each class is very important! Especially when lunch is concerned! I wrote down my schedule in two places; my class binders and the iStudiezPro app! I've been using that app since freshman year and I love it because it reminds me 15 minutes before any class and where the classroom is! lol!

002. MATERIALS - Preparing for classes is my favorite thing to do ever! haha! Buying little notebooks, highligthers and pens is what I live for tbh. Instead of buying notebooks this semester though, I decided to buy two binders, one for each day of class. One for my tuesdays and thursdays classes and the other for my wedsnday classes. In it I put some post-it notes and some cute stuff! Of course, you can't forget your backpack and pens and stuff!

003. TALKING TO YOUR PROFESSORS - I'm the type of person who stays after class and talks to her professors. Not all of them, just the ones I feel I can connect to like my concentration classes like photography and film. Especially film, I love talking to my film professors because they have so much real experience knowledge. Plus, if a studio is looking for interns or something to work with them on set, they go to the film professors for recommendation on students. So, it's all about connecting and networking!!

004. PARTICIPATE IN CLASS - I'm also the type of student who participates... a lot. That's what class is for after all! Most professors love when students make comment and share their own experiences and opinions. Some have participation as a grade too but they tell you that on the first day usually, just pay attention. I've never been a shy person in this way so it just comes natural to me. You can start small if you are shy and only force yourself to participate when no one else is willing to. 

005. POSITIVE THINKING - Being a good student is all about balance; don't overwhelm yourself with the preassure but be responsible enough. Writing things down actually helps a lot with that. Focus on yourself and think about how this class can translate into your career or real life experience. Don't let yourself think about how much a drag this is or how boring this class is because if you then that's what you'll actually believe. Don't complain before even getting into the class. Think positive like "this class will be very interesting". Maybe it's just the Ravenclaw in me who actually loves learning but well!

That's all, babes! Hope this helped some of you out there! Share down below what other tips you have for this semester~ Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' so you never miss a post and I'll be seeing you guys soon!

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  1. Schedules are defs an essential! I literally would not get anything done if it wasn't all written down in a journal/planner
    Kathy x

    1. So true! I would 100% forget where my class is and at what time I have to be there if it weren't for schedules! lol!

  2. Your blog is so colorful and pastel! I really struggle with participating even though I have an answer in my mind.You're really lucky to be able to naturally participate hah

    1. Thank you so much, doll! ^.^ Aw, yeah. It's hard, I understand. There's also the fear that you might be wrong, you know? but thank you haha it's a gift lol