New Wet n' Wild Products Haul & Review

Hey guys! Here's a quick little blogspot for y'all today! College has started for me and I've been trying to get back to that ...

wet n' wild new products review
Hey guys! Here's a quick little blogspot for y'all today! College has started for me and I've been trying to get back to that and trying to juggle posting on here more often!

Anyways, last time I went to the drugstore I noticed some new Wet n' Wild products!! YAY! I really love this brand, guys (definitely not a spon -- but i wish!). It's affordable AND cruelty-free? Yes please~

Let's get started, then!

Megaglo Makeup Stick Blush in Floral Majority ($3.99) // Wet n' Wild came out with a bunch of stick formula products, I only picked up a highlighter and a blush but there's also a countour and a concealer. I really really loved this blush, I absolutely adore the color. It's a kind of a dark-ish pink and it looks so pretty in your cheeks! Although I have to say when you put it on it's a bit patchy but I don't mind that too much so it's fine!

Megaglo Makeup Stick Highlighter in When The Nude Strikes ($3.99) // Unlike the blush, the highlighter wasn't that good. There's too much of glitter in it for my liking, although I think it might work for the inner eye highlight. From the swatch, it looks very pretty but on the face... meh. If you love glitter though... you'll fucking love this!

Mega Cushion Contour in Café Au Slay! ($5.99) // Inspired by the k-beauty movement, Wet n' Wild came out with various cushion products! My drugstore only had the contour so that's what I'm going to talk about~ I really really loved this! I love the color and I love how it blends and how it looks. It's really good and it's the only one I use now. You should DEFINITELY check it out for yourself!

Mega Cushion Matte Lip Cream in Doll So Hard ($4.99) // Another Mega Cushion product that I completely forgot about and didn't even put in the photos because I literally forgot! Oops~ But that should tell you something about how I feel about this lip cream. lol! I really don't like it. It applies very well and the color is very pretty but it dries down soooo matte that it leaves your lips super dry! Like I've tried a bit of matte liquid lipsticks so I know that they're meant to be dry but this one is... I couldn't handle it. So, not a fan of this one!
wet n' wild new products review makeupstick
megacushion contour wet n' wild review new
wet n' wild swatches new review products

 So, tell me what you think about these new products and if you've tried any of them, leave a comment down below about what you thought! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' so you never miss a post! I'll see you later, babes! Bye~

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  1. Yeees! I LOVE Wet n' Wild products! The blush and highlighter looks so pretty, looove glitter so it's a must try for me, haha!! :)

    xo, Chloe //