9 Tips for Surviving Your Period

Hey guys! Sadly, these past few days have been horrible for me -- that's right, it's that time of the month . I'm not sure if ...

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Hey guys! Sadly, these past few days have been horrible for me -- that's right, it's that time of the month. I'm not sure if you guys have can relate to this but on my period I get acne, so much horrible pain that I can't walk, stomach ache, nausea, irritated mood swings and getting emotional out of nowhere. Some months are worse than others so let's just say this time has been... not good.

So for today's post I decided to give you guys some tips for how I get over my period pains in the hopes that it might help you out! Let's get started then~

001. Heat Pads/Blankets - I'm sure you've heard of this before but heat does wonders when it comes to cramps. Putting them on your source of pain while laying down is aaaaamazing! Make sure to have an AC on or else you'll die from a heatstroke lol.

002. TENS Unit Massager - If you've been on the internet, you might have heard of Livia. It's a mini shock machine that you put under the stomach area where you feel the cramps. It's currently an indiegogo project but many other people have said that it's similar to a TENS Unit Machine which also uses shock therapy. It's more affordable so if you don't want the cute style of Livia, that could work as well! Also this is a legit way to relieve pain, I've had this for physical therapy and it definitely works.

003. Pain Killers - For my first day on my period this time, I took two aleve liquid gel pills and I was excelent for the whole day. Literally no pain at all so that was amazing! So, if you have no problem with taking pills, Aleve and Advil work wonders!

004. Face Masks - My skin gets all sorts of dehydrated and acne-proned when the time of the month comes around so to make myself feel better, I use all sorts of face maks. If you don't have any, simply using a cleanser and mosturizer can do wonders. Part of surviving your period is also feeling better about yourself! So buy some inexpensive sheet masks!

005. Bananas - You might not know this but if you have horrible cramps, eating a banana or two can actually work! I found this out a few months ago when I was going through pinterest, trying to find remedies that work fast. I didn't believe it at first, but much to my surprise it actually works!

006. Water - Drinking lots and lots of water is important. I know this. Do I actually do it? Ehhh. Somtetimes. But it's important! So... it's on this list!

007. Hot Drinks - It's common knowledge (I think?) that you should stay away from coffee when you're on your period but having a hot drink with you to help you relax can help! Tea or Hot Coco can help I'm sure! There's even specific teas you can drink to help you on your cramps!

008. Relax - Give yourself a break if you can, at least in that first day when it's worse! Watch your favorite happy tv show or movie. I enjoy sitting back and watching either youtube, Ouran High School Host Club or Kiki's Delivery Service. Anything that can make me feel happier! You can also sit back and read a new story or reread your favorite one.

009. Sleep - Taking a nap with your heated pad or blanket can make anything better. Seriously. Give yourself a break and take a nap! You'll feel better when you get up!

That's all for now though, babes! If you're on your period then I hope you get better and if you're not... why are you reading this? lol! Kidding! Let me know what are some things you do to get rid of cramps down in the comments! And don't forget to follow me on bloglovin so you never miss a post and I'll be seeing you very soon!~


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  1. My ultimate solution - painkillers! :D
    but I wish I had known about bananas. I had major problem with cramps yesterday (not related to period but still)...
    good advice

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. I agree! Painkillers are true lifesavers! Yeah, I'm sure you can use the trick for next time though, I only found out a while ago and I'm glad I did. Thanks!

  2. I can sympathize with you on this one, I've had a terrible month already with it. I always find I break out more around my chin when I'm on my period, I wonder why that is? x


    1. Yeah, same! I think it has to do with hormone inbalance? i have no idea lol!