Ely Maple JORD Watch Review

Hey guys!  I have a very special post for you guys today! I was contacted my JORD Watches to do a review on one of their products and ...


Hey guys! 

I have a very special post for you guys today! I was contacted my JORD Watches to do a review on one of their products and of course, I said yes! I've been looking for a good aesthetically-pleasing watch for ages now so this was a perfect opportunity! Let's start with the post then~
 I got..

Ely Maple Watch ($129) 

This is beautiful. I cannot begin to describe to you guys how gorgeous the craftmanship of this product is. Not only is the watch beautiful but so is the box that it comes in, which you can see below. It is so well-made and the focus of the detail is phenomenal. Now I can tell you right now, I am not a watch person. I've never had a watch this expensive before. I never thought it was worth it until now and I'm not just saying this, I really truly not. If you want to spend money on a watch do so on a watch like this; something that is a show of perfect craftmanship, like I said earlier. Not only that but it shipped super fast!! Like!! I got it in three business days!! Three days, guys!! I've never had a package arrive so quickly and with as much care as this was shipped and packaged!
Another thing that I was worried about when saw this watch by itself was how I was going to style it. But once you put it on and see pictures of people wearing the watch, you realize that it goes well with everything. I would describe my style as 'modern bohemian' so this type of wood color is perfect for me and I'm so glad I chose this one. 
 Another thing... um... I took my wrist size wrong. LOL! Oh god! I was so embarrassed when I realized! So, make sure to know you wrist size well! It still fits, obviously, but it's a little tight. Also I realized that you're not supposed to keep the 'J' charm thing in the watch and that's how I've been wearing it so.... oops? I'm just a mess, really lol! 

That's it, babes!  

Thanks for reading and let me know what you thought of the post in the comments below! And thank so much to JORD for giving me this opportunity to review your lovely product, I had a lot of fun making this~ Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' so you never miss a post and subscribe to my youtube channel while you're at it because there will a new exciting video coming very soon! See you soon, babes~
Wooden Watch For Men

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  1. looks really great. wood is different but that's what's attractive on it :)

    Honey - Royal Lifestyle