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Hey guys, Merzy here!  Autumn is upon us and we're in the midst of September which means only one thing: Fall season in stores! ...

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Hey guys, Merzy here! 

Autumn is upon us and we're in the midst of September which means only one thing: Fall season in stores! I have to admit I love this season for fashion, it's definitely my favorite. The problem is... well, there's not really much of an Autumn season here in Puerto Rico. It's the same as summer was only the nights get a bit colder, I guess. Which is really inconvientent for me because stores bring out all this big merchadise for Fall and we can't wear half of them! 

It's more than a little bit annoying, so I decided instead of focusing on all the stuff I can't wear, I'm going to search up things I can and explore my style a bit more at the same time. Let's get started!


forever21 skirts
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autumn skirts
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I've been a little obsessed with skirts lately and I would love to own more of them! The maxi skirts are great for casual days but could also be dressed up for a shopping trip (when you don't really feel like shaving lol). Although, it's important to note how thick the fabric is because if you live in a tropical place where the weather hasn't realized it's not summer anymore and you have a thick skirt on, you'll suffocate. Trust me. 

These short skirts are also great for causal days or otherwise, and it's always nice to add a bit of a quirckyness to your look! Don't be afraid to try out new things!


autumn jackets
i. ii. iii. iv.
Jackets are pretty much a must for Fall and one of the must-have colors that I've been totally loving is military green. I'm so in love with this color because it goes with everything and it's just perfect. Another trend I've been dying to try out are bomber jackets; they add a bit of a sporty/preppy vibe to your outfit with a hint of vintage that is just lovely. Again, it's important to note how heavy the jacket is and if it looks good if wear it on your waist, don't want to die from heatstroke now do we?


autumn hats
i. ii. iii. iv.
 Ugh, hats! I love hats! Just yesterday I visited Forever21 and the amount of hats they had was insane, I wanted to buy every single one of them! Wide-breamed hats are one of the must-haves of this season, especially in the wine/military green colores pictured above! They just add a bit more character to your outfit!
For a long time now, I've been wanting to own a beanie but I just haven't come across one that I really like (until I saw that cat-eared one above, I died with that one). The main reason why I really need one now is because we're in draught. A pretty big one, actually. Because of this, you can't wash your hair everyday and even though dry-shampoo is a lifesaver, it's not a miracle-worker. Sometimes you just really need a beanie or a hat in general. Sad times, I know.


fall bags
i. ii. iii. iv.
If you've read my What To Put In Your Bag post, you know I've been seeking out modern & adult-looking handbags for my day-to-day. I own a black purse but I want to add more colors to my collection and I think wine/pink/lilac/white are amazing and jaw-dropping gorgeous. I just think they make you look more mature and sophisticated. So, this season I really want to find some new purses that complimate my style!

And that's it! Thanks so much for reading! A lot of exciting posts are coming your way soon so be sure to follow me on bloglovin' and my other social media accounts so you don't miss them! Btw, guys, I'm almost to 100 followers on bloglovin'!! Thanks so much, babes! I really appreciate it! Love you all & I'll see you very soon~

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  1. that cat ear beanie is so cute! <3 -

  2. Oh my god I'm absolutely in Love with the red jacket! Great inspo :-*

    Alissa <3 from
    prêt-à-porter NOIR