How To Develop Your Own Style

Clothes, fashion & style are important factors in our lives. They let us express ourselves & make it possible that our first...

Clothes, fashion & style are important factors in our lives. They let us express ourselves & make it possible that our first impression is a good one. But sometimes building a good personal style can be hard & exhausting. So, I decided to share some tips to maybe help you guys out!

  • Build inspiration. By far the best way to find out exactly what you like is to sign up to Pinterest or Polyvore. These two websites/apps are fantastic for building your fashion aesthetic. Ask yourself "would I wear this?" and if the answer is yes, save it or make a board on pinterest so that when you go shopping next time you'll have a goal instead of just mindlessly roaming around the mall. Questions to ask: Where would I wear this to?, What in my closet can I pair this with?, What shoes would I wear with this?,
  • Try it on! The best way to know what you like and what works for you is to simply try it on! Don't like it on the hanger? Take it to the changing room to see how it looks on! Who knows? It might change your mind. Clothes look differently when you put them on, don't judge straight away.
  • Find your comfort zone. What do you feel comfortable in? Do you like showing skin or not? Do you like high heels or flats? Do you prefer jeans or skirts or dresses? How short is too short for you? All of these are important questions to keep in mind when starting out. Ignore for a second about what's trending in the fashion world and focus on YOU & what YOU like.
  • Learn. Watch youtube videos, read fashion books & magazines, watch "What Not To Wear", etc etc. Find out what are the pros & cons of the stying an outfit. These rules aren't written in stone but they are important to figure if an outfit works in general.
  • Relax! Remember that this is all about you! Don't stress yourself out trying to mantain one style in particular, you can totally mix and match. You feel like being more sporty today instead of girly? that's cool! Do that! There's so much stress lately about this, even I fall victim to it too! Just remember that you don't owe anyone anything, just do you, babes!
  • It isn't a one-note tune. Style, just like everything else in life, is always changing & evolving. It's not going to stay exactly the same, it might change from time to time and that's okay! You're not betraying yourself, you're not being someone you're not -- you're just growing. Embrace that change!

That was it, guys! I hope you enjoyed & if you have some other tips of your own, be sure to leave them down in the comments! See you later! xo

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