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hey guys! So, a few days ago I posted on my instagram that I was going to make a review of the products I bought in the semi-annual Ba...

hey guys! So, a few days ago I posted on my instagram that I was going to make a review of the products I bought in the semi-annual Bath & Body Works sale for today buuuuuuut... I'm sick. And I don't really feel like taking pictures so I decided to write this short post so I can keep my schedule going! This has been sitting in my drafts for a while waiting for me to pick it up & finally, it is time!

 Youtube is one of the main inspirations for everything that I want to accomplish in my life. I didn't know this medium existed and that people could be successful and build a career from it. These are my favorite beauty gurus that I am subscribed to & watch constantly. Not only do they have amazing videos and blogs but also they have some unique styles that I'm constantly inspired by. Sorry that this post will be shorter than usual! I promise that as soon as I feel better I will write you guys some longer ones I'm planning! So, yeah! Let's get started! xo

Jenn is the most recently subscribed to on this list, but I just had to add her because I absolutely adore her style! I love how she films her videos, how creative she is, how stylish, I just... /sighs/ I love her! She flawless and you definitely subcribe!

zoe sugg
Zoe Sugg is sooooo cute! I've always adored her style, her hair, her makeup, her everything really! I've also really loved how open she is about her anxiety which helped a lot when overcoming my own! Just goes to show that beauty gurus are more than just pretty faces~

marzia bisognin
Marzia was my very first beauty channel I've ever subscribed to! EVER! I started watching this italian beauty about three (or two?) years ago & she's grown so much from that time it's insane! She gives me inspiration everyday because I've watched her improve so much and grow her channel and brand! Her style is very unique, girly & very very her! There's no other way to describe her! She's Marzia Bisognin!

I've been having a kick off Bunny's videos lately, watching & rewatching a lt of her videos, mostly "does this thing really work?" and hauls! She's beautiful, loud and so unapologetically herself it inspires me to be like that as well! Her style can only be described as dark but girly and vintage at the same time? She is very different from the rest because you see her a lot without makeup and you see how human she is which I love!

Evelina is also one of the channels I have recently subscribed to and it's one of the best decisions I've made! Her videos are perfectly shot, perfectly edited, just perfectally everything! She's just perfect just like her channel! All of her tips and advice are on point, you always learn so much from watching her videos, which is extremely helpful for a newbie such as myself!

Louise is a must-subscibe if you are on the curvy side, the myth that plus-size clothes are ugly and that being chubby means you can't wear certain clothes are WRONG! They are so wrong! Louise proves to you and the world that you CAN do it! I love watching her hauls more than anything and I just adore her style and coloring! ugh! Lovely!

I feel like Fleur and I have a lot in common in terms of tastes and because of that I look to her to see what sort of makeup and clothes she bought so I could check them out! She's my go-to! Which is why she's the first Mothly Favorites that I always watch! Her channel & blog are something you should definitely check out!

Ingrid has been my absolute favorite everrrrr this summer! Like completely! I've realized that summer is my favorite time of the year in terms of fashion & beauty and Ingrid is the perfect representation of that! It's all about energetic colors that just pop out at you! I've been obsessing over her videos lately, watching older ones over and over again because I just can't help myself! I find her so inspirational and amazing!

So, yeah! There you go, guys, a short one! I'm sure you already knew pretty much all of them but if not, tell me down below what channels I just introduced you to! 
Anyway, babes, see you later this week with another post! 

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