Top Fashion Trends on my Pinterest

Recently I have been obsessing over pinterest and the fashion section, pinning several pictures on my fashion board and dying to go t...

Recently I have been obsessing over pinterest and the fashion section, pinning several pictures on my fashion board and dying to go to the mall to buy some of these styles. These trends are the ones I've been loving lately! Hope you enjoy, leave a comment and share if you see something you like! 


So, I've been 18 for months now, have graduated high schooland will start college this fall and still people keep telling me I look 16 or 15! So, a way to present myself in a more mature way and for people to take me seriously, I decided to leave behind crossbody bags and be on the look out for big purses to put a serious edge to my style and overall appearance. These beautiful must-have items go with virtually anything in your closet and can complete a whole look for any ocassion. 






 In this sweltering heat of the middle of June this outift is a definite must-have, especially if you live in the Caribbean. The truth is jeans and tights just don't cut it in this summer, the heat will literall kill you. For this reason, this combination is insanely easy to put together, inexpensive and can be matched and mismatched to your own style and body shape.



Personally, I've never been much for high heels mostly because they hurt... that's it. I just never saw the point of it really, why wear it when they hurt so much? The thing a lot of people don't tell you is this... you don't need to wear super high, stilleto heels. Mind-blowing, I know. You can wear short heels, medium heels, thick heels, platforms, etc etc. There are so many options and styles to fit each person. They look great with a good outfit,  they make your butt look amazing, you feel sexy and much more! All you need to find out is your comfort zone and style and I'll guarantee you you'll find shoes that you will fit you and your personality.




 Another thing I'm absolutely obsessed with lately are maxi skirts, I only have one of these because it's hard to find one that is not too long for me and I'm too lazy to take it to the tailor's. But I absolutely adore how it looks! It works with a paterned skirt and a solid color top or with a solid colored skirt and a paterned top. It looks amazing in the summer time and spring time and I do really believe that every closet needs at least one of these. It's easy and stylish and looks good with everyone. 


The top trend of the last few years for the summer time is rompers. Easy to wear if you're lazy like me and just want to be comfortable and look stylish at the same time, rompers are right up your alley. It looks amazing and it's absolutely perfect for when it's 90-100ish degrees and you feel like you're going to explode the heat. A thing to note though, you need to check the sizes well because it all depends on how tall/thick you are and where the line for the shorts stops, because it could be quite uncomfortable otherwise! I know for me, I have trouble finding one that I like, fits me and looks good on me! Still, if you love it then try your hardest to find it because it will be worth it.


Much like the maxi skirts, maxi dresses are comfortable, easy to wear and style and they look amazing. They are more freeying than the skirts though and perfect for the summer heats or going to the beach or to vacation. Again, perfect for lazy people like myself. You don't have to combine anything or make sure it matches, just put it on and go, that easy. It's easier to find maxi dresses that fit you if you are 5'5ft or shorter compared to skirts and they're inexpensive if you search in the right stores. They're perfect for a casual day at the beach or a night-out to a restaurant! (Another best thing, you don't have to shave to wear these! :D) 

Annnnd that was all, guys! Hope you enjoyed!

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