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 "What is your style?" is a question most people ask others to get to know them better, a simple way to find out a person'...

 "What is your style?" is a question most people ask others to get to know them better, a simple way to find out a person's personality! And yet... it's a very heavy question for me. It's always been very hard for me to answer this question, mostly because I don't really know the answer to it. My sense of style is very different and it varies depending on my mood, the weather & what I actually feel like wearing that day. 
Since I'm in this transition of becoming more grown-up & leaving behind my high school years, this also reflects into my day-to-day style! Because I'm trying to do this, I like to take inspirations from others, mostly pinterest, youtubers & celebrities. Today I'm going to be talking about celebrities since it's the quickest one (mostly because it's 9AM & I haven't slept all night because I was thinking about ideas for my blog & my brain wouldn't shut up about it).

Now, you might be wondering why I don't call them 'Celebrity Fashion Icons" or anything like that and to be honest, the main reason is... because I don't like how that sounds & what it means. I'm very proud of being myself & putting a little bit of myself into everything that I do & wear, because of this I don't like to use the word 'Idol' or 'Icon'. These words seem to imply that you're copying them in a way &... I just don't like that? Of course, not everyone thinks of these words like this and that's fine, this is just what I believe... And what was the point of this paragraph again? lol!


Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars has been a major crush on mine since the pilot of the hit ABC drama, since then my eyes has been set on this girl in every aspect. I love her instagram, her youtube channel, her everything really! I love her fashion style & adoooore her hair & wish I totally had it! 
She's definitely one of my main style inspirations for my mission of dressing more 'adult-like' & getting people to take me seriously, black, white & all!

 Vanessa Hudgens has been making headlines for her street fashion for years now! And not to mention her FLAWLESS Coachella style! Ugh, it's absolutely perfect! I love to look at Vanessa's clothes in the summer/spring time, they're perfect for that time of year! Plus, the absolute best part? Their look so comfortable & flowy, heaven for the Caribbean heat I live with!
I don't have a lot to say that isn't just fangirling. I adore Vanessa & I make heart-eyes on every #ootd & instagram selfie she posts! I feel like her clothes are the perfect way to express to someone my style without words.

I never knew how much I loved Selena Gomez's style until very recent when I followed her instagram. Everything that she wears is very me, I could easily see myself wearing pretty much anything she wears. They're comfortable, easy to wear but still trendy & sophisticated! She found that perfect balance that I'm still trying to achieve. 
Her hair is another thing I adore & am itching to get a similar style if it weren't for the fact that I'm emotionally attached to my long hair. sighs, oh well! 


There you go! My celebrity fashion inspirations! There aren't a lot of them because I could never find celebrities who have my style & wear pieces I could see myself wearing. The struggle is very real. Holla at me if you feel.
Can't believe I just said that.

ANYWAY, hope you enjoyed reading & go ahead and tell me what are some of you guys' celebritiy fashion inspirations down in the comments! Love ya' babes!

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