Semi-Annual Sale Victoria's Secret + Bath & Body Works Haul

Hey, babes! This past weekend, I went to the mall with the sole intention to buy stuff from the Victoria's Secret/Bath & Body Wo...

semi annual sale haul
Hey, babes! This past weekend, I went to the mall with the sole intention to buy stuff from the Victoria's Secret/Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale. I was more excited to go into VS because B&BW always have sales and I have too many stuff from there anyway lol.

Onto the actual post then~ First off Victoria's Secret!
semi annual sale victoria's secret PINK
  • My most exciting find is the PINK Ultimate Extreme Crop Leggings in Grey, which I got on sale for $29! I am super excited to wear them out, they're super comfortable and flatering. These are my first PINK/VS leggings and I am so here for them! I'm planning to wear them to the airport when I go traveling in July. 
  • Keeping with the theme of PINK, the next item is the PINK Coconut Mango Body Mist which I got for $5! I couldn't find it on their official website, so the link is from Amazon and apparently people really do love this because there's only 2 left and it's sold for $20. So, I would recommend to try and find it in store if you can! The comment in Amazon says it's discontinued but I had no problem finding it in store. Anyway, I haven't worn this yet but I'm super excited to because it's smells amazing, subtle and not all overpowering. It's perfect for the summer, definitely! 
  • The last thing from VS pictured above,  is the Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Splash Fragrance Mist which I got on sale for $4.50! It says that it's a new formula that you can blend and mix up for a custom scent. The fragrance notes are Rain-Kissed Freesia and Daisy. I definitely think that this blends nicelyinto the skin and they last a surprisingly long time for a mist. It smells super fresh and clean, it's a definite favorite. 
  • The actual last thing that I got which isn't in the picture because I wasn't sure you guys would be interested in, is this Demi Bra which I got for $20. It was super hard to find one my size in the store, but a miracle happened and I found this one! AH! It's my first ever Victoria's Secret bra and I feel like my eyes have been opened to the wonders of how comfortable VS bras actually are. I've been told before that VS don't carry a lot of bigger sizes and that the employs shame you for it, but my experience was an entirely different one! If you are a bigger sized bra wearer and you're wary of going into your local Victoria's Secret store, just try it. You've got nothing to lose! 
Wow, went one a bit of a rant there! Anyway, here's what I got from Bath & Body Works:
semi annual sale bath & body works
  •  First up is the Waikiki Beach Coconut White Sand Body Scrub which is on sale for $8.29! They say that the White Sand gently exfoliates while nourishing Coconut Oil & Vitamin E conditions your skin leaving it smooth. The top notes of the fragrance are Beach Coconut, Oahu Dragonfruit, Saltwater Breeze and Coral Berry. I absolutely love this! I think it's perfect to put on your legs right after a shave, leaving them delightfully smooth! The only other B&BW scrub I had was a Christmas scented one so this was the perfect opportunity to purchase a summer one!
  • The last item is the Caribbean Escape Candle which I got for $10. This is another item I couldn't locate on the website, but found on Amazon. I think this is an old fragrance that they brought back for a limited time with new packaging which would explain why mine looks diferent. Like I said for the PINK body mist, try to find this in local store if you have one close by because I didn't have a problem locating it there. Anyway, the scent is described as a blend of tropical melon and tart raspberry nectar mellowed by creamy coconut milk. It smells so amazingly divine, it has the right amount of strenght as well like you could smell it in a big room but it doesn't give you a headache if you light it in a smaller one. It's just perfect. I would highly recommend it if you like fresh, fruity, summer-y smells.

Well, that's it for my haul post! Hope you enjoyed! I am currently sick, my nose is all stuffed up and I'm suffering so make my day by leaving a comment or checking out my Youtube Channel and telling what you think~ And while you're at it do subscribe and leave a like! It would mean a lot! Tell me what you've bought in this Semi-Annual sale down in the comments, let's have a chat! I'll see you babes later, bye!

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  1. Those leggings are so pretty and look really comfy, what a bargain! I love my VS sprays!
    Charlotte //