My Birthday Wishlist

If you've been hanging out with me recently in real life then you know one thing... next week is my birthday. And you would know this ...

If you've been hanging out with me recently in real life then you know one thing... next week is my birthday. And you would know this because I don't shut up about it, I really don't. So yeah, in February 11th I will be 19 years old! Eep! So exciting!

So, I decided that I'll talk a little about what I want/things I've had my eyes on that I'll eventually buy~ So, let's get started!

i. / ii. / iii. / iv. / v. / vi. / vii. / viii. / ix. / x. / xi. / xii.
You can never have too many paletttes and also you can never have too much highlighters. I've been on a kick with highlighters and I've been in search for the perfect one (I haven't found it yet but I haven't given up!). The general theme for eyeshadows that I've been looking for is natural with a touch of pink, just how I like it! And as you can see I'm a sucker for cute packaging because makeup has too look pretty as well! lol! I don't know if this happens to anyone else but I'm a huge sucker for names, like that MAC eyeshadow I chose it not only because it's a gorgeous color but also because the name is Magic In Your Eyes which is the most perfect name ever and I fell further in love with it!
i. / ii. / iii. / iv. / v. / vi. / vii. / viii. / ix.
On the same note, one can never have too many lipsticks, that just doesn't exist. And while I really want the Ariana Grande lipstick (which you'd already know if, again, you spend any time around me), I've been looking for a pretty peach colored one because spring is almost upon us! Brushes! I love brushes! I especially love brushes that look pretty and are inexpensive! One of my main problems since becoming an avid beauty blogger is storage... I don't have enough room for my makeup stuff! lol! That's why I'm always on the look out for new storage things! And of course, something that's been on my personal wishlist since forever is a kate spade new york wallet. I found this one and I absolutely fell in love with the cute pastel color! In another note, I fell in love with this iphone case because it has everything that represents who I am; glitter, pink and stars~
i. / ii. / iii. / iv. / v. / vi. / vii. / viii.
Moving on from makeup, I really love self-help books that look pretty and help you with anxiety and living a happier life. These two are prime examples of this~ As well as this adult coloring book! I want any but this one in specific looks so magical and gorgeous! Can we talk about how adorable this puffy keychain is and how much I want it? Because it's gorgeous! Lastly, we have my geek side~ I love  lovely kickass women so these pop figures are perfect gifts for me; Wonder Woman from the new movie, Scarlet Witch (which is one of my lowkey favorite characters from marvel and I freaked out when I saw her looking cute and like her comic self) and obviously, Rey from Star Wars! The only item on here that is clothing is this Sailor Saturn tee which I love because it looks magical and it's black lol! I also wanted to include the Stark Bomber Jacket from hot topic but I couldn't find it on the website but I really really want that (and was totally jealous when a friend of mine got it).

That's all, babes! Tell me if there's something I mentioned that's also in your wishlist or if you'll recommend something that you think I'll like! I love reading you guys' comments! Don't forget to follwo me on bloglovin' and on twitter because I love chatting to you babes~ See you, later!

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  1. I really want the shadows which Kathleen produced as well! I hope you get everything!
    Charlotte /

  2. Happy Birthday in advance! All these products are to die for! I bought highbeam for myself last year and it has been one of the better purchases in a while. Colour pop shadows are so great, I don't have the Kathleen Lights one but the formula should be the same! So pigmented and such a good price :)

    Kathy xx

    1. Thanks!! Nice to hear omg! The thing that kills me about colourpop is the shipping tbh :/ xo