NYX Haul + First Impression - New To Makeup #5

  Hey guys, Merzy here! So, last weekend I bought this amazing NYX set from TJ. Maxx, don't ask what it was called because I don'...

Hey guys, Merzy here! So, last weekend I bought this amazing NYX set from TJ. Maxx, don't ask what it was called because I don't remember and I can't find it online so yeah. I also bought two essie nail polishes for an amazing cost but that's for another day! Let's get started then!

The set came with 9 individual products. Eight of them are pictured above, the 9th piece though are fake lashes which I don't use so I'm not going to talk about it.

nyx swatches
  1. Eye Pencil in 932 Bronze Shimmer - This also says it can be used for eyebrow pencil but I think it's waaaay to glittery for that, unless you want shimmery eyebrows then it's perfect. As an eyeliner though, it's good. It's a pencil which I don't normally use as eyeliner but it wasn't hard to glide and I think it looks pretty good under the eyes. Like I said, it's really glittery so if that's not your style then don't buy it lol, because it's super glittery.
  2.  Lip Liner Pencil in 827 Never - I haven't used this one yet because lip liners are a new thing for me and also, I don't really wear lipsticks during school. I really like the color though and I think it could work as an eyeliner too, it slides very well and it's really smooth, more so than the eye pencil. 
  3. Eye Shadow in 09 Deep Bronze - This eyeshadow isn't very pigmented, at least not with my skin tone, it took several swatches for it to look like it does in the picture above. So, in the eyes it's basically the same thing, it takes several times for it to look like anything.
  4. Eye Shadow in 107 Vanilla Sky - I absolutely adore this eyeshadow! Like omg amazing, it looks so lovely, I just adore it. There's nothing to say here; it's pigmented, it's creamy, it's just lovely!
  5. Black Label Lipstick in 191 Bling - I really love this lipstick, I have yet to use it but I'm actually thinking of using it next because it really impressed me when I swatched it. It's extremely creamy, more so than I expected and the color is kind of a fushia. It's really pretty though! So yeah, good!
  6. Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe in 10 Divine - This color is a lot like the Black Label Lipstick, only it has more glitter to it. Also, this is a bit rougher than the Black Label, it's not as creamy and you notice it from how it looks. I would try it but honestly, I'm not very convinced. I completely prefer the Black Label. 
  7. Love in Rio Palette in 10 Escape with Rio - I haven't used these eyeshadows yet but I actually really want to try it because the colors look really good together and I think they would make a complete eye look on its own. There's one light brown, a dark brown and a glittery shade that looks like a mix of purple and brown. I tried it on my fingers and it also feels really creamy and the darker shades are more pigmented than the lighter one but again, it could just be my skin tone.
  8. HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Blush in 02 Apricot - I don't really have a lot to say about this because I haven't tried it or even really opened it completely because I'm a little bit afraid of it lol. But I will because I'm also curious. So, yeah... don't have anything else to say about it.
 And there you go! This Nyx set really impressed me and I think it's a really good for $15 that it cost me. Nyx has quickly become one my favorite drugstore brands! 
What's your favorite NYX product? Tell me down in the comments, babes! See you soon~

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  1. Love their eyeshadows! Great pigmentation and last long!

  2. I will definitely have to try NYX products now because they sound and look amazing.

    stay fabulous x

    1. They really are! (way better than ELF in my opinion) and thanks, doll! you too~