July Favorites - New To MakeUp #3

Hey, guys! Merzy here! July has been a pretty big month for me; I started this blog & because of it, I have learned a lot about beaut...

Hey, guys! Merzy here! July has been a pretty big month for me; I started this blog & because of it, I have learned a lot about beauty and I've opened my mind more to it in ways I haven't before. I used to find makeup boring, complicated & simply not for me. I just didn't see the point of it because I didn't think I needed it. And even though, I still don't think I need makeup, I've realized that makeup isn't about hiding your flaws! It's about making your beautiful features more beautiful! 

So, even though I'm just starting my adventure into makeup, I've compiled a list of things that I've been loving this month! 

  • Bath & Body Works Summer Collection - Okay, so... I have an obsessive problem with B&BW, it's true, I admit to it! Let's just say the Semi Annual Sale ruined me (who can resist those prices tho? I sure couldn't!). Anyway, this summer especially, their collection was aaaaamazing! I specifically loved the Peach Bellini Ultra Shea Body Lotion, Peach & Sweet Tea Shower Gel & Juniper Breeze Shower Gel. I've been absolutely obsessed with the peach scent this summer~ all of these are perfect, they wake you up and simply make your happier!
  • <L'Oreal Color Riche Lipcolor in I Pink You're Cute - Can we just stop for a second and talk about how freaking CUTE the name for this color is? omg I think I bought just for that! Anyway, this color is the pinkiest pink to ever pink. I love it so much. This lipstick is honestly one of the best, it's the creamiest, softest and loveliest. It's so gorgeous I sometimes just stare at it. It's gorgeous, okay? Gorgeous. Go buy it.
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Turquoise Crush - I always thank god that I found this in TJ Maxx for $2.99 because this thing is awesome. It's really easy to put on (which is saying a lot coming from someone who is literally just started doing this whole makeup thing) and it lasts for a long time! It's true to the name too because it is super intense which I love! I always feel like when you wear this you could really get away with not wearing eyeshadow! 
  •  Superpowder Double Face Makeup - Okay, so here's the thing... I bought this such a long time ago that I don't even know if this is the thing that I have but I'm pretty sure it is so I'm gonna go with it. I'm going to tell you a story, alright? Back before I knew everything I do about makeup (which honestly isn't much), all I had was clinique because mom thought that I was allergic to it so better safe than sorry. This is the reason that even now, most of the makeup that I have is clinique. And I still use it because... well, because I don't have a lot. *shrugs* Anyway, the powder especially is reall good. I love this powder a lot. And it's almost over so I have to buy some more, but anyway yeah... this is good.
  •  Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine Nail Polishes - I'm a sucker for nail polishes, there I said it. Even if they suck, I have this urge to buy them! I mean, they're only 99 cents! Who can resist that?! Definitely not me! The two colors I've been loving are French White Creme, Grasping at Strawberries & the matte topcoat. Sometimes these packages can come damaged like sometimes the brush seperates from the handle and the brush itself isn't that great either. But for that cheap price you can't expect much. Regardless, these nail polishes aren't actually that bad! They last for a very long time, which suprised me a lot btw! So because of that I've been kinda obsessed with them~
And that's it, guys! Thanks for reading, babies! Make sure to share this post/my blog or follow me on bloglovin and if you're feeling especially lovely, you'll go ahead and like my facebook page! Tell me down in the comments what are some of you guys' favorites this month? I'll see you soon~

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