Favorite Airport Fashion - SNSD edition

Hey guys, Merzy here! Lately, I've been super obsessed with kpop. Well, not lately ... I've been obsessed with kpop for a long t...

Hey guys, Merzy here! Lately, I've been super obsessed with kpop. Well, not lately... I've been obsessed with kpop for a long time. But, I've been watching Channel SNSD on youtube (which is a reality show where the girls talk about things they like and stuff) when I'm bored and I've come to realize something; I take a lot of fashion inspirations from airport fashion. 

Airport fashion is exactly what it sounds like; it's what idols wear on their way to or from the airport. Why is this important? Well, because it's how they showcase their fashion sense. 

So, I decided why not show you guys my favorite SNSD airport styles? Most of these are great outfit inspirations for college, so let's get started~


I swear since this comeback, I've been so in love with Sooyoung. I never noticed how me she is! It's not even her recent hair cut, it's just that now I've realized how gorgeous she's always been. Her style is very simple, effortless and comfortable but also very fashionable which is exactly what I aspire for.


Very much like Sooyoung, this comeback really opened my eyes to Yuri but this time it really is the hair. Her blonde ombre style suits her very well and brings out more of her fashion sense in a way I haven't noticed before. They've really done a fantastic job at changing ther styles while still sticking to their personality. Anyway! Yuri is very much like Sooyoung in the way that they're both tall like to showcase those legs. Yuri's is more laid back and has a definite cool factor that I adore.



Oh, Taeyeon! The kid leader of my heart~ Her style is very her, very lovely and cute and comfy! She mostly wears shorts and cardigans, which is the closest thing to what I wear in my day-to-day life. As you've noticed, the pictures in the collage are all from this comeback. Reasons? Because I am completely in love with her hair!! It's gorgeous. I have a thing for blonde/pink hair, okay? And it fits Taeyeon so well.


QUEEN! Ever since this comeback, Seo-baby has looked less like a baby and more like a 1960s housewife and I love it! Our maknae looks all grown up now~ Her style is more flawless than anything else, I don't think she can look any more perfect. It's also very girly and comfortable and whenever I look at her I think pastels and I love that.



My personal queen of airport fashion, Fanny-Fanny can do no wrong! It was actually very hard to choose just three styles because I love literally all of them! Her taste in anything is flawless~ from bags to shoes to the actual clothes! It's all gorgeous. She's my definite style icon, to be honest and I could listen to her talk about fashion, nails and makeup for hours on anything from her SNSD Channel to her HeartATag Show to back when they filmed the TaeTiSeo reality. P E R F E C T.

And there you go, babes! What's your favorite airport fashion? Don't forget to like my facebook page & follow me on bloglovin so you never miss a post! See you soon, loves!

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